Our Story

Josy and Aza are the founders and designers of Left Over Green Beans. Since 1994, when they met at age two, they were inseparable. They were the girls who at age three knew exactly how they wanted to dress, and by age five were dressing their mothers. While other third graders played foursquare, Aza and Josy drew clothing during their recess breaks. From an early age they had a distinct vision, and this vision has stuck with them throughout the years.

In 2007 they were asked to design a dress for an eco-fashion show in New York City. They had both grown up with environmentally conscious ideals, so they jumped at this opportunity. Instead of creating just one dress the girls created five, and with this fashion show Left Over Green Beans was born.

The Left Over Green Beans clothing lines are made completely of re-purposed and organic materials - such as vintage fabrics, hand-crocheted curtains, deconstructed clothing, and handmade trims. Josy and Aza find pieces they love in flea markets and their grandmothers’ closets and put them together to create totally unique garments. Their work is a dynamic and creative process full of surprise and discovery. Although the pieces come from many sources their shared vision results in a line that is unmistakably “Josy and Aza.”

A special thank you to the amazing people who have helped us with their time and talents. Without you, we could never have gotten where we are today.
An immeasurable thanks to:
Calvin Ulery (www.calvinulery.com)
Bart Nagel (www.bartnagel.com)
Amber Collins (www.JEmodels.com)